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Event Cancellation Insurance Program

Exclusively for Active Network event clients*


The program provides Active Network event clients* based in the US with event cancellation insurance through a simplified application process supported by a team of dedicated underwriters.

What is covered? 

This Event Cancellation Insurance is what is known as an "all-cause" coverage. This means that as long as the cause of your Event being Cancelled, Abandoned, Postponed, Curtailed, or Relocated is beyond your control and not excluded, you are covered for it.  To view the complete sample policy, please click the Gold, Silver or Bronze plan links below.

Often times, events have problems that no one expected which is why it is good to have an "all-cause" type of coverage. However, some of the situations that this Insurance is commonly used to protect against include:

  1. Severe Adverse Weather which makes the venue unusable/inaccessible or makes the event dangerous to attend (hurricanes, tornados, severe winter storms)

  2. Acts of Terrorism including the Threat of Terrorism and NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL & CHEMICAL ACTS OF TERRORISM

  3. Venue Unavailability (from perils such as fire, structural collapse, gas leaks, and flooding)

  4. Earthquakes

  5. Wildfires

  6. Labor Strikes (whether they take place in the city of your event or are national in scope like a transportation strike

  7. Power Blackouts (like that occurred across the U.S. in 2003)

  8. Communicable Disease (like H1N1, Avian Flu, SARS epidemic of 2002 or a local outbreak of the Norwalk Virus)

  9. Non-Appearance of a key Speaker or Entertainer *

  10. Major Riots and Civil Commotion

  11. National Mourning (i.e. death of the U.S. President)
    * additional premium

In addition, we can provide the most terrorism options in the market - including providing "full" terrorism by removing the terrorism exclusion all together and offering coverage for Threat of Terrorism. In addition, if any other time & distance Limited Terrorism options are desired that are not listed on the Quotation please let us know and we can likely provide them.

How to apply?

As an Active Network event client, securing event cancellation insurance is now as easy as 1 - 2 - 3...

  1.  Pick 1 of 3 coverage options: Gold, Silver or Bronze.  Customized coverage is also available.

  2.  Complete the simplified electronic application below.  Once complete, Active Network’s dedicated underwriter will respond within 48 hours (typically much faster) with the quote.

  3.  Await your Active Network event client exclusive* quote…!

* These benefits are only available to events utilizing the Active Network event registration platform(s). For more information on this and other Active Network benefits, click here.