Disability Insurance Information

Disability insurance is a form of protection of your income from work in the case of a major life emergency like injury or illness. Statistics show that 1 in 4 employees will need some sort of coverage for at least 3 months at some point in time during their careers. When this happens, your financial obligations could require liquidizing certain assets you own, such as investments, to cover the costs of the medical expenses, living expenses, etc.

Nicholas Hill Group believes that through thoughtfully designed plans, we can help limit damage in the case of an emergency. Quality of life during a crisis depends on preparation. It takes only 3 easy steps to apply. Follow the steps below to become one step closer to protecting you and your loved ones.

3 Steps to Apply

Step 1-

Fill out our online form, specifying what type of insurance coverage you are looking for. Currently, we offer the following: Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Accidental Medical Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Medicare Supplement Coverage.

Step 2-

A representative from Nicholas Hill Group will contact you to discuss your options and assist in the application process for a comprehensive plans of your choosing.

Step 3-

Once you’ve decided which plan best fits your needs, an application has been submitted to underwriting and an offer has been made, you choose whether to accept the offer and complete the purchase of your desired plan.

Why Nicholas Hill Group?

Nicholas Hill Group offers a variety of plans at affordable price ranges. Our products are provided by highly rated insurance company partners, and most important, are individual policies as opposed to group policies. This means that, as long as you continue to pay your premiums, your policy will stay with you for the life of your working career, even if you lose your job or switch careers.

Whatever happens, your income will be protected. 


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