Mountain Climbers Insurance Information (Mountaineers, Rock Climbers)

Rock climbers and mountaineers know that their sports are demanding. No matter the adventure, whether it’s: aid climbing, free climbing, bouldering, mountaineering or simply out for a hike, the lifestyle requires both physical strength and mental composure. The payoffs are worth the risk. Personal goals are achieved and a new vantage point is gained.

Nicholas Hill Group and their partner, The American Alpine Club, want to be there to protect climbers. While climbing accidents are rare, the unexpected can and does occur, no matter how safety minded you are or the precautions your party might take.

While climbing is by all measures a personally rewarding experience, the loved ones we leave at home do worry.  Therefore, the Nicholas Hill Group and American Alpine Club are here to assist with the following plans:

  • Life Insurance – we can provide a wide range of climbing friendly life insurance policies ranging in benefit from $10,000 to in excess of $10 Million.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment – this low cost coverage can provide up to $500,000 of accident related death and dismemberment benefits for both climbing and non-climbing related occurrences.
  • Gear Insurance – Because climbing gear is expensive and often takes years to accumulate, we are proud to provide a low cost gear insurance option for lost, stolen and, at times damaged gear.

Climbing, when done correctly, is incredibly safe. It is still important to protect against the unknown. Having an insurance plan frees climbers up to focus on what they do best- the sport. Let Nicholas Hill Group help you pursue your passion by following the 3 easy steps below.

3 Steps to Apply

Step 1-

Fill out the rock climber & Mountaineers insurance form below. The form is the first step to building a custom insurance plan to cover all your climbing needs.

Step 2-

A representative from Nicholas Hill Group will reach out to review your needs and come up with a plan that best suits you.

Step 3-

Choose from a variety of plans and apply for only the coverage that’s right for you.

Do I Need Rock Climbing Insurance?

Insurance is about protecting against a crisis from the unknown. Accidents are never something that are planned. The costs associated with injury or lost/stolen gear can be monumental, especially if you travel outside the country. Contact a representative from Nicholas Hill Group for more information about what you can do to protect yourself, while fully pursuing your passion.


Nicholas Hill Group works with The American Alpine Club to provide climbers with the best service possible. The American Alpine Club is a non-profit organization that works to benefit climbers around the world.

“Through its members, the AAC advocates for American climbers domestically and around the world; provides grants and volunteer opportunities to protect and conserve climbing areas; hosts local and national climbing festivals and events; cares for the nation’s leading climbing library and mountaineering museum; manages the Hueco Rock Ranch, New River Gorge Campground, and Grand Teton Climbers’ Ranch as part of a larger lodging network for climbers; and annually gives about $100,000 toward climbing, conservation, and research grants that fund adventurers who travel the world. It also maintains regional sections—with both regional staff and volunteers—throughout the United States.”

* Not all of these plans are available in every state. Please ask the plan administrator about plan availability in your area. The Life Insurance and other benefit services are provided as a “service” performed by licensed agents with the Nicholas Hill Benefit Group, Inc. (NHBG). Plans are subject to full underwriting and may potentially exclude or decline to offer coverage based on pre-existing health conditions, occupations, avocations (including climbing/mountaineering), etc. NHBG is committed to assist in locating and selecting the most beneficial insurance policy for AAC members. NHBG works with dedicated teams of underwriters with various insurance companies and are experienced in securing coverage for clients engaged in sports and activities that are often considered “higher risk,” such as climbing/mountaineering.