Travel Insurance Information

Travel Insurance protects you against the unknown. Everything that goes into planning: travel agents, plane tickets, hotel reservations, and even drink tickets can and should be protected. Even the items you bring along with you can be insured. Everything ranging from your passport to your baggage. With so many unexpected events happening in the world today, travel insurance has spiked in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness. This type of insurance is highly popular for families, students, and businesses.

There are typically two different types of travel insurance: medical and travel disruption.

Medical coverage means that if anything happens while you are abroad, your medical bills will be covered up to your policy amount. This could come in handy if you travel to a country that has incredibly high medical costs or the transportation to a medical facility is high.

Disruptive event coverage takes care of unpredictable world events. This means you could be protected from the disasters that you hear about in the news. Current events affecting travel include: disease, terrorist attacks, extreme weather events (snow storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.).

Did you know that through Nicholas Hill Group you can protect yourself from the unknown and insure your trip? Peace of mind is priceless, a trip, especially abroad, is a major investment. Knowing that you are protected is worth the cost.

Pricing Generator

Nicholas Hill Group works with Travel Guard to provide. Please follow the link and provided and discover your coverage options. It only takes 15 minutes When finished, your entire trip will be covered.

Insurance Providers

Nicholas Hill Group works with Travel Guard, an industry-leading insurance provider. Travel Guard has several levels of coverage, ensuring your needs are met no matter where in the world you are travelling. They are certified through the Better Business Bureau, members of the US Travel Insurance Association, and verified by GeoTrust.

3 Steps to Getting Insured

Step 1

Click the link to our partner Travel Guard. Get all trip details together, follow the inputs, and calculate your totals.

Step 2

Take a look at our plans- get coverage options and pricing details that best fit your trip.

Step 3

Easily buy coverage online and get your trip insured.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Some banks will offer travel insurance as apart of rewards services for cards. What many users don’t realize is how limited the coverage is with those programs. Nicholas Hill group, through Travel Guard, offers full-service coverage to protect you against all forms of travel disruptions/medical expenses that cause you loss.

The policy has a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your insurance, or we don’t exceed your expectations in any way, you will be refunded through our partner. For more information, please visit the website.


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