Insurance for coworking organizations & Shared Office Sites

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Let's be honest... Coworking (shared office space) is a new breed when compared to other industries.  Because of this, most insurance companies don't quite know what to think of Coworking organizations or shared office space (or how to underwrite and price policies).   We are proud to be among the leading insurance firms working with Coworking and shared office sites throughout the US.  We are also the exclusive insurance partners for Coshare, a nationwide "community for community makers" and proud to represent many Coshare members in their search for quality, affordable business insurance.  

From this site, interested Coworking organizations and shared office spaces can run custom insurance quotes and apply for a plan of their choosing.  Assistance is not limited to electronic quotes and applications, but a team of highly trained insurance professionals stand ready to answer your questions and to assist in plan selection.  To get started, either call 1.877.303.2050 or explore your options by clicking the link(s) below...

coverage for your coworking organization (business insurance for your business)


COVERAGE FOR your COWORKING CLIENTS (members of your coworking organization)

Because we firmly believe that, as the owner of a Coworking organization, you are only protected if your members/clients are also covered (plus voluntary insurance makes a great benefit for you to offer your clients as well), we're pleased to also extend access to the following insurance plans for your Coworking organization's members/clients...

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* products are provided by licensed representatives with Nicholas Hill Group, Inc.  Plans are subject to underwriting and include certain exclusions and limitations.  Not all plans are available in all states. Please contact us to learn if plans are available in your area.