Top 5 Big Events Cancelled Throughout History

Ironman Cancellation

There have been many cancelled and postponed events due to awful things: terrorism, inclement weather, natural disasters, disease, and more. The most notorious villains of well-laid plains are Mother Nature and terrorism. We can’t control them; the best we can do is figure out how to adapt. What’s most surprising- these things happen and there is little anyone can do to predict how, why, or when. What we do know is that insurance is the best way to minimize any damage caused by weather.

Here are the top 5 events we’ve compiled that Mother Nature and terrorism ruined… and insurance saved.

#1- New York City Marathon

Since 1970 the New York City Marathon has taken place every year, regardless of rain or shine. Not even the terrorist attacks of September 2001 held back this event from taking place just a couple months later. However, Hurricane Sandy was enough to get this event cancelled in 2012. It was the consensus that it’s not right to hold this foot race through a part of the city that had just suffered so much damage. In addition, why take away the city services from working on storm relief to host this event? The health of the city and the citizens took precedent in this case.

#2- Iron Man Triathlon

Another disappointing day due to things beyond our control was the day the Ironman triathlon in Lake Tahoe was canceled. In September 2014 athletes that had trained and prepared for months and some even a year, were told that they couldn’t perform. What could cancel such a big and important event? The threat of a forest fire located nearby. The land on which this fire preyed had been battling drought conditions for three years, and very little snowpack. There was no way it was going to be safe to have the Ironman race on it was scheduled for in September. Although the athletes were very upset and disappointed they did not get to participate, at least they got to spare their lungs!

#3- Boston Marathon

When weather isn’t the reason things go awry, and it’s because of humans causing terrorism on one another, it’s much more devastating and has evil intent behind it. A prime example of this is the Boston Marathon Bombing that happened back in April of 2013. Two young brothers chose to place two bombs near the finish line of this great race, and three people were killed and more than 260 were injured. It was a horrible and saddening day, as everyone around the world watched everything unfold on TV, it became clear how blatant of an act of terrorism this attack was. When the bombs went off there were still runners participating in the race, and thus the race had come to a screeching halt. This is not the way anyone would have anticipated this event to go.

#4- MLB World Series

Take me out to the… Never mind! Ever set out to a professional baseball game and get worried about an earthquake? Probably not, but you never know what could happen—In 1989 Game 3 of the World Series had to be postponed because of the Loma Prieta Earthquake that affected both Oakland and San Francisco, California. Team member from the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants were warming up for the big game when, BOOM! An unexpected moment that caused many people not only physical pain, but plenty of financial pain as well.

#5- PGA Golf Tour

The last depressing event that was abruptly cancelled happened because of terrorism. September 11th, 2001 is one of the worst days every American will remember forever, and it essentially caused the entire country to go on hold. Amongst many of the other big sporting events that were canceled were the World Golf Championship on the PGA golf tour. After the shock and devastation of the horrific event, it became clear that the country was going to need some time to digest the events that had taken place on that day. PGA was simply following suit.

These events illustrate just how quickly things can go wrong, at, during, or before a major event. Weather and natural disasters occur on mother nature’s clock and we must expect the unexpected always. When it comes to humans, you never know what to expect, be prepared for anything.