travel insurance

Top 5 Reasons For Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Life is full of surprises and full of unexpected happenings, so why not protect yourself where you can? Travel insurance is something many people overlook or feel that they don’t need—Wrong!

Travel insurance is way more important and more beneficial than you ever thought.

Emergency Situations

The most obvious reasons people think about travel insurance are not always the most common. This includes typical emergency situations like sickness and injury. When you are going on vacation either stateside or to countries abroad, there is always the risk of sickness or potentially injuring yourself. Imagine walking down the beach enjoying your vacation and you suddenly get taken out by a wave (true story!). Now injured, how will you make your flight home? What about the medical expenses you've inccured?  If you've purchased insurance, you can focus on what's most important- getting better.


We all love planning a great trip and vacation for ourselves or our loved ones, but what happens when you need to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances? Without travel insurance, you will be scrambling to get everything cancelled on time before fees are applied, and you’ll want to ensure you get some or all your money back as well. Yikes! What a hassle. Travel insurance takes the fear out of cancellation situations or situations where your dream vacation does not become a reality.

Missing or Lost Luggage Recovery

You finally get to your hotel after the longest day ever of traveling, the baby is crying, you’re exhausted and ready to lounge on the beach. Unfortunately, the airline lost all your luggage and you not only have no bathing suit, you don’t even have comfy clothes to change into and nap! This is when you are wishing you had purchased that travel insurance plan the guy at Starbuck’s was trying to pitch to you.  Having travel insurance will ensure that your bag is hunted down and recovered, and it will be seen to that you are reimbursed for essential items you need to buy to enjoy the remainder of your trip.

Natural disaster

One day the Florida Keys are a beautiful travel destination for thousands of people, the next it’s taken out by a horrifying category 4 hurricane—what do you do? You’ve been saving all year long for this trip and have been dying to experience the gorgeous Florida weather, had you purchased travel insurance back when you booked this trip you would have been able at least to recuperate some of your financial loses.  Buying travel insurance when you book a trip will save you from losing all your prepaid costs and help you re-book another trip to another gorgeous destination that you will be happy with.

Can You Say… Peace of Mind

Lastly, if not anything else, purchasing travel insurance gives you peace of mind. Taking a trip or vacation is an investment and it’s something you should want to protect just like you protect your other investments. Travel insurance is the perfect opportunity to give yourself that extra cushion and peace of mind when you are traveling away from home. You never need to worry about losing your financial investment into the vacation, and you also reap many benefits and services that you don’t have access to without insurance.